The Power of Presence

We would all be amazed at how our presence affects others. When we walk in a room after our company has arrived, or when you arrive at work and enter your works space, look at the reaction of those around you. What do you imagine they are thinking? What does your presence mean to them? Is it positive, or not so positive? Your aura leaves a lasting impression on those who meet and greet you.

As a chaplain, I have found that just by walking into a situation, those who see you believe you represent a higher power. You don’t have to say or do anything. They recognize that you are someone they can talk to and trust. I have been told many times that I represent God to them. They would say, “You are a man of God.” That is a lot of responsibility to lay on one’s shoulders, but I take that responsibility very seriously.

What would your reaction be if you walked up to a New York police officer, and he started to express his heart-wrenching feelings about the WTC disaster and his personal experience to you? This happened to me. I listened; he spoke. When he was done, he handed me his NYPD tie clip and said, “Thank you for listening.” I simply said, “You are welcome,” and left.

The question here is, did my presence make a difference? Does yours? People are looking for those who are willing to listen and encourage them. They are looking for someone to care. When we serve others by giving of ourselves, our presence will always make an everlasting impression and difference in other lives.

Do you fit that description?

I have long dreamed of writing a second book about the power of presence and, at last, that wish has come true and is currently in production. It is my wish that “The Power of Presence” will enhance the training seminar I have also completed about the ministry of presence.

If you would like someone to come and speak on WTC ministry, the power of presence or do a renewal service, I would be honored.

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